How to Get Started

Complete a Management Agreement: This can be completed online, our office or simply scan/email Management Agreement as follows:

  • Please include all current contact information
  • Initial each page at bottom right corner 
  • Complete and sign last page of Agreement

​​​​​​​Upon receipt, we will schedule an appointment to do the following:

  • Take photographs of your property and amenities for internet advertising 
  • Install a Lockbox with 1 set of property keys in addition to installing professional “For Lease” signage on the property. 
  • Complete a Property Profile including property features, amenities, complex and/or area features (i.e. gas stations, highways, shopping malls, etc. for our files and ads).​​​​​​​

What We Need from You. 

What We Need from You. 
  • Within 7-10 Days, Please Email the Following Documents to Us For Lease Attachment & Enforcement: 
  • ACH Authorization Form: Allowing us to directly Deposit you monthly income 
  • W-9 Tax Form: Required from all Property Owners for end of year tax recording. (Return form via US mail, or email) 
  • Keys, Remotes and Security Cards will be needed for: All Doors, Entry Gate Card & Access Codes 
  • A Landlord Insurance Policy: is an option of your Property Management Agreement for each address noted in your contract, with “Interfirst Management” named as “additional insured/additional interest” or similar language, stating Interfirst Management is covered under Landlord Policy. A Certificate or Declaration of Insurance is required from your insurance provider upon tenant-signed lease. Proof of Insurance is required prior to tenant occupancy.
  •  Optional Payments: If your rental proceeds will cover payments i.e. your mortgage, insurance or HOA fees, you may request us make these recurring payments from rent, and they will be reflected on your monthly stmt. Please provide one copy of invoice/statement for each payment upon sign-up. 
  • Current Rental Files (if applicable): A complete copy of tenant files, including rental agreements, relevant or pertinent documentation/correspondence, i.e. tenants’ credit applications, notices sent to/or served upon tenants, file notes, and current rent roll on multiple units. 
  • Current Utilities: if you would like us to pay certain utilities or services on your behalf please provide all accounts #’s, contact information and company names (i.e. water, gas, trash, landscaping, pest control…) 
    Contact Info: Please call 956-726-1165 Thank You! Email: